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Finding the right custom home builders in Sonoma county is essential to building a fire-resistant dream home. You’ve worked hard; you’ve put in the time. As a result, you’ve got the financial means to contract Ortiz Custom Builders INC. There are many options to go with depending on how much you’re willing to invest. For some, having a new home built means choosing from a standardized plan.

A Big Dream Means Big Effort

Building a custom home in Sonoma County means you’re investing more money, time, and effort. Fireproofing is becoming a new norm with the constant threat of wildfires. We ensure the customers’ vision is clear for the architect to draw up the first blueprint set. While making sure we use the best fire-resistant building materials. There’s a world of difference between merely accepting the plans for a bathroom that someone drew up for a “mass production line” home, and taking the time to figure out what you want in a bathroom, where you want the bathtub to go, how big that tub is, and where the dedicated shower stall will go for example.


Ortiz Custom Builders Inc

Ortiz Custom Builders Inc can help you locate a construction site, assist in budgeting and designs, and make your home to the same quality standards as we would build our own home. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of delivering a perfectly framed structure when so many people are counting on us.

Remodel Company Sonoma County

When you choose the experts at Ortiz Custom Builders Inc for your home improvements, feel confident in the remodel is completed by highly trained professionals. We work closely with you, making sure that your results are exactly how you envisioned. We go above and beyond the call of duty, and our work is sure to exceed your expectations.

Trusted Construction Company In Santa Rosa

The construction industry is continuously evolving. New standards, new guidelines, and technology establish building improvements each year. As a result, make buildings & homes safer, less expensive, and more efficient. We are involved in multiple construction associations. Ensuring we stay up to date with current trends in commercial and residential construction.


Planning The Dream Home

Before you start working with high-end custom home builders. You must first have a plan. Otherwise known as a blueprint that the contractors will follow. So, the blueprint outlines everything that professionals need to build a home. Also, the house’s exact measurements and dimensions to the location of electrical outlets, pipes for plumbing, and HVAC.

Hire Trusted Architect For Custom Home

Our architect will draw up plans for your custom home build. For example, if a homeowner wants a 2000 square foot home. Everything from the number of floors to the basement layout is methodically designed. Even If the home even has only one room. It must be planned and specified in the budget. So, unless you are devoting unlimited funding to your new home construction. You are likely to have a fixed amount of finances willing to commit.

The Blueprint Must Reflect These Costs.

Most Importantly, Ortiz Custom Builders Inc ensures the custom-built home plans are on land you own. Depending on the size of a planned high-end custom home. It’s not always enough to buy a plot of land in a location you want. How much the land itself costs will factor into your overall budget for a home. In conclusion, there’s the additional consideration of landscaping. Especially if you’re going to ensure that the environment surrounding the home does justice to the house itself.

Build A New Home

Working With Ortiz Custom Builders Inc.

Once you’ve worked with an architect and have the plans ready to go. It’s time to find experienced high-end custom home builders. We’ve been helping homeowners all over Sonoma County to ensure that their efforts and investment result in a fully-realized home. That meets or exceeds their expectations for quality and craftsmanship. Above all, meeting personal requirements.

Build A New Home In Sonoma County

Since 2015, Ortiz Custom Builders Inc. has been serving the needs of Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties. It’s not unusual for our founder, Mr. Graciano Ortiz-Montoya, to personally visit a construction site. To Supervise the work being done and ensure that clients get the attention and answers, they might want a high-end custom home building process.

Find A Custom Home Builder You Can Trust

We understand that with home building, this isn’t just a financial investment with ambitions of value appreciation. It is often the culmination of years of work, time, effort, and a reward for life goals achieved. As well, as a place to make memories and possibly raise a family. Further, we take these responsibilities seriously and ensure that you get the home you deserve. If you’re ready to commit to investing in your own custom home. Contact us today with your questions and concerns. We can assess your home building situation. As well as start planning for the day when you’ll be able to walk through your custom built home just for you.

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Luxury Construction

I believe that small businesses like mine have a big responsibility to make their communities better by giving fair prices. Doing great work and developing a relationship through honest work.

Luxury Kitchen Remodeling - Sonoma Napa Marin - Ortiz Custom Builders Inc

kitchen remodeling

Your kitchen should be a reflection of your unique essence, whether your taste runs towards the stately warmth of traditional design, the cool sleekness of a more minimalist look, or something else entirely.

Bathroom Remodelling Pros - Sonoma Napa Marin County - Ortiz Custom Builders Inc

Bathroom Remodeling

We give it our all and expect our customers to settle for nothing less. Vibrant, stain-resistant colors, graceful styling, and gleaming fixtures create a focal point that will draw your eye again and again.

Ortiz Custom Builders Inc. Proudly Serves Sonoma, Marin, And Napa Counties.

Ortiz Custom Builders Inc. of Sonoma County has been building high-quality custom homes in Napa and Marin for over 15 years, focusing on safety, quality, and high-value work

Ortiz Custom Builders Inc.

Custom Home Builders in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties

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