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Construction project management is major undertakings that require enormous amounts of time, effort, financial resources, and, above all else, organization. Whether it is remodeling a kitchen or constructing an entire commercial facility, the balance between planning and administration is necessary. Further, appropriately coordinated for a construction project to be completed on time and within budget.

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Completing a task as big as a construction project management with a minimum of delays, or budget overruns, while still producing quality results is challenging. It takes experience, commitment, and a high level of administrative skill. construction project management services provide this, and Ortiz Construction Group is ready to offer this for clients who need experienced oversight for their next project.

What Is Construction Project Management?

As the name implies, a construction project management service is a group that provides the administrative capacity to organize and maintain a construction project from conception to building to completion. In a typical construction project

The Owner/Investor

Of course, the primary driver for any project is the person who wants the project to be complete. That client is typically an owner or a company with a building goal in mind. For some, owners will be private citizens who want to finally make their dreams come true and build a high-end custom home for themselves and their family. Others may be individuals seeking to construct a new commercial workspace for their business. Larger groups, such as companies or even municipal or state government organizations, may be looking at more significant projects such as public housing, new schools, or other notable projects.

In the end, however, the result is the same. A client, owner, or investor is willing to commit finances to a new building project but doesn’t have the skill or resources to do it on their own.

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The Architect or Engineer

Before building anything, there must be a plan in place. We all desire a building that stands the test of time in terms of structure or materials. Quality buildings are meticulously thought out, with precise measurements, dimensions, materials, and design determined ahead of time.

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The role Of architect

For example, you may want a spacious, three-floor high-end custom home. But might not know what the final form of such a structure should be. Or want to build an industrial space for fabricating mechanical components. But are unaware of the area’s size or the ventilation requirements needed to ensure people can work safely.

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architect blueprints

The architect or engineer’s crucial component is the blueprint. Following this construction plan will be vital to building the structure. The exact measurements and dimensions of walls, floors, ceilings, the layout for electrical wiring, and plumbing configuration will be planned and documented in the blueprint for others to follow.

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The General Contractor

Finally, the last component of construction management is the licensed general contractor. The individual is responsible for taking the blueprint and following it to execution. While that sounds simple, this is where all the “heavy lifting” begins. We Schedule the entire process until the completion date. Materials need to be secured, along with the tools and vehicles required. And, of course, the skilled labor to use those tools and materials. The general contractor must abide by the budget set aside for the project and the timetable for completion. However, the general contractor must also ensure workers’ safety, manage payments, deal with subcontractors, if required, and, of course, commit to the standard of quality agreed upon for the building.

How construction project management Fits In

Construction management takes on liaising between the owner and the various groups at different stages of the project. In essence, construction management uses its expertise in the construction industry to better manage all the groups’ interactions. Sometimes, work in the client’s favor, such as translating wishes into useful data for an architect or general contractor. The architect is first explaining to construction management why a client’s desire isn’t feasible at the allocated budget, leaving construction management to work with the client on solutions.

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Of course, construction management is always on the side of the client. Still, in this case, rather than legal expertise and representation, construction knowledge and expertise are brought to the table. Managing the schedule, handling payments, and working out the logistics of a project is something that construction management takes on behalf of the client to focus on other endeavors.

Sonoma County Construction Project Management Services

Suppose you have a large building project that needs efficient management. In that case, Ortiz Construction Group can help. Contact us for more information about how we can administrate your project. We’ll go over your construction project’s scope and scale and find the right balance in budget and creativity. We can even provide general contracting services to reduce the amount of time spent sourcing on the required skills and resources.

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