General Contractor - Sonoma Napa Marin County -  Ortiz Custom Builders Inc
General Contractor - Sonoma Napa Marin County -  Ortiz Custom Builders Inc

General Contractor - Sonoma Napa Marin County -  Ortiz Custom Builders Inc
General Contractor - Sonoma Napa Marin County -  Ortiz Custom Builders Inc

High-End General Contracting

Available General Contractors in Sonoma, Napa, And Marin Counties

Hire A Licensed General Contractor – few things in the modern world carry the same enormous commitment of time, resources, money, and teamwork as a construction project. Many different disciplines must come together to create a building that people can rely on to provide years of comfort, safety, and shelter. So call in the experts at Ortiz Custom Builders Inc. to build your dream residence, workplace, entertainment space, a hall of learning, or even a place of worship. All of these projects require experience, expertise, and much coordination between people.

While it’s theoretically possible to do all this yourself, for the best results, it’s always better to leave construction projects to a general contractor. But what is general contracting, and what happens when you bring in the Ortiz construction group?

A Lot Of Moving Parts

With any ongoing construction project, there are many challenges to overcome. Whether it is a kitchen remodeling, a new addition to a home, or even building a new high-end custom home, many steps are involved. Constructing a building for residential or business needs is not fast, easy or straightforward, and requires a lot of knowledge and experience to run smoothly.

What Is a Licensed General Contractor?

General contracting is a specific discipline of labor and management expertise dedicated to construction projects. The primary role of a licensed general contractor is to manage several responsibilities.

Administrate Scheduling, Ensure payments and Manage cashflow

There is a lot of organization and paperwork involved in any significant construction project. Suppliers costs for materials; skilled labor for work, schedules created. So different teams know where and when to be deployed. A detailed paper trail for all parties involved for the necessary documentation to ensure proper financial records, as well as legal permits and other requirements, have been met.

Licensed General Contractor are the “frontline” in handling all the construction project’s administrative and bureaucratic requirements.

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Furnishing Materials

General contracting is also about knowing who manufactures or distributes the materials needed for a construction project. Many components are required, from lumber for a lead-bearing beam to PVC pipes for plumbing or concrete for a foundation.
General contractors have solid, established relationships with different suppliers regarding sourcing materials and parts needed for various construction process phases.

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Skilled Labor Costs

You can’t just put out a general ad for workers when it comes to construction projects. Using a plasma welding torch safely and efficiently, for example, requires a lot of skill and experience. And while hammering a nail doesn’t sound like a significant task, doing so quickly and precisely for days on end is another valuable, cultivated skills. General contracting is about finding the skilled labor that performs different tasks and showing up on time and budget.

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Subcontractor costs

A general contractor easily handles some parts of residential or commercial construction. Such as laying the foundation or constructing a building’s roof. Even more specific, technical requests, like laying solar collection panels. Results eventually contribute to the overall power grid, which requires a radically different set of expertise.
General contracting also has the contacts to coordinate and work with “subcontractors,” experts in specific fields, and brought in when the expertise is required.

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Hire a Licensed General Contractor in Sonoma, Napa, & Marin Counties

Supply Tools And Equipment Skilled Labor Requires

Different phases of construction require other processes, tools, and sometimes even vehicles. Digging out the foundation of commercial space, for example, is very different from laying out the ventilation ducts for HVAC in a two-floor detached home. And both of these are entirely unlike mounting premium kitchen cabinets. General contractors ensure that skilled labor shows up for the day equipped with the tools needed to complete the project.

Draw Up A Timeline And Bar For Quality

At its heart, general contracting is creating a plan and then ensuring that everyone sticks to it. Part of this establishing a bar for quality that the entire project must adhere to. The other part is creating a schedule and providing management skills to follow up. Or manage expectations as not to dramatically alter the plan. So people can move in and start their new lives or business on the day they plan on the calendar

Ensure Safety

Construction management takes on liaising between the owner and the various groups at different stages of the project. In essence, construction management uses its expertise in the construction industry to better manage all the groups’ interactions. Sometimes, work in the client’s favor, such as translating wishes into useful data for an architect or general contractor. The architect is first explaining to construction management why a client’s desire isn’t feasible at the allocated budget, leaving construction management to work with the client on solutions.

Maintain Accurate Records

Finally, a complete, legal project will leave a discernible paper trail. General contracting handles the documents, financial records, transaction records, permits, and other necessary administrative and bureaucratic requirements of a project.
This way, records are preserved for both legal and repair or upgrade reasons.

Sonoma County Licensed General Contractors

Finances are transparent and accountable, and everyone has the information they need. They are ensuring accurate preservation and communication of records and data for everyone, including the property owner. If you need to hire a licensed general contractor for your construction project, Ortiz Construction Group is here for you. Contact us for more information.

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