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Accidents and unforeseen “acts of God” happen all over the world. Unfortunately, some accidents and acts occur on a massive scale that can affect entire regions and even states. One such misfortune is the wildfire, a problem that is a regular occurrence here in California. Unfortunately, in recent years, the number of wildfires—and the scope of them—has increased. What was once an occasional hazard that affected a small area has grown into an annual ordeal that affects the day-to-day lives of thousands, even millions of people?

In the worst-case scenarios, wildfires can damage property, destroy structures, and even lead to loss of life. However, once the fire is over, it’s time to take stock, assess the damage, and, perhaps most important of all, start the process of rebuilding after the wildfire. Ortiz Custom Builders Inc is here to help.

A Changing World

Fires are a natural phenomenon in our world. While destructive, they also play an essential role in clearing out the land and allowing new plants to grow. Establishing unique ecosystems that eventually replace the existing ones. However, the frequency of wildfires in California has been increasing far beyond the natural projection rate. For example, Sonoma County had still not recovered from the 2017 Tubbs Fire when, in 2019, the Kincade Fire erupted and contained after 78000 acres had already burned.

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But why is this happening?

But why is this happening? It’s an unfortunate mix of climate change, low maintenance of power infrastructure, a decline in strategic environmental management, and sheer human incompetence in the most embarrassing cases. Such as the entirely preventable El Dorado fire of September 2020, where pyrotechnics were used in a gender reveal party, then burns over 10000 acres before being contained.

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Distinct Kind Of Damage

Most of the damage property owners worry about when it comes to homes, offices, or other structures is mainly kinetic or physical. High winds can tear off shingles; falling tree branches may damage roofs. Or even collisions, such as a car accident resulting in impact with a garage or a home’s exterior, are the types of damage property owners usually report. Structures impacted by smoke damage require professional cleanup. Physical integrity can be entirely or only partially ruined. Exceptionally and even water damage may be a possible factor once firefighters have used their resources to get a blaze under control.

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Thorough Assessments

One of the most critical steps in rebuilding after a wildfire is to have a clear, accurate understanding of the damage’s extent. Suppose a structure is predominantly victimized by smoke damage, for example. In that case, cursory cosmetic repairs may be the only thing required since the building is structurally sound. In contrast, other parts may still be sturdy. It may be possible to rebuild only the structurally compromised sites and leave most of the building intact. Conversely, the damage may be so severe that only a complete demolition and construction of an entirely new facility will be acceptable. This is not a decision that can be made on gut instinct.

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Fire damage assessment

Conversely, the damage may be so severe that only a complete demolition and construction of an entirely new facility will be acceptable. While creating a damage assessment, we carefully plan and thoroughly execute each aspect. It requires evaluating every element of damaged property and looking at solutions once the evaluation is complete. Whether structures require some repair work or total rebuild after the wildfire, knowing what is repairable versus what needs to complete overhaul. Will significantly impact the financial commitments necessary for restoring a property to livable or workable status.

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Building It Back

Once the true extent of the damage is determined, planning for repair, restoration, or even rebuilding can begin. Rebuilding after wildfire means having laid out the tasks and what logistics will be required. Is a building going to be restored to its original condition both in structure and in appearance? Even if a faithful reconstruction can have some challenges to consider if the building is older from a specific aesthetic or historical period. That is not quickly or easily replicated with modern materials, requiring more effort.

Another extra consideration in rebuilding after a wildfire is making the area safe and usable again. Clearing debris is the first step before a rebuild is completed. Demolition of some parts, if required, must occur first before rebuilding on the site. And if there are any issues with plumbing, wastewater contamination, or damage, these need to be addressed as well.

Once this is all done, however, rebuilding can begin in earnest. If you require reconstruction after a wildfire, we can help. Contact Ortiz Construction Group and let us help you recovor.

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