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kitchen and bathroom remodel

Are you ready to start the kitchen and bathroom remodel of your dreams? Ortiz Custom Builders inc offers services all throughout Sonoma, Napa, and Marin County.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Experts

Custom Builders Inc has been building luxury kitchen and bathroom remodels in Napa and Marin for over 15 years, focusing on safety, quality, and high-value work.

Attention readers, your kitchen and bathroom remodel is an extension of the type of person you are. So, it makes sense that you might choose to build or renovate a kitchen to include all the bells and whistles you desire. Also, your kitchen should have all the space you require to feed your growing family. Furthermore, with a luxury bathroom, that you can relax and unwind after a long day. Maybe with a full-size bathtub for two and walk-in closet space for your significant other!

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Whether you are looking for a simple cosmetic renovation, remodel renovation, or a full-blown luxury renovation. Ortiz Custom Builders Inc has the passion plus experience to get the job done on time and budget.

Custom Features

Are you ready to entertain your guests in style with a new kitchen and bathroom remodel? Also, reflecting your personality? Choose wood species, door styles, colors, overlays, edge profiles, glazes, and unique finishes. The possibilities are truly endless to what we can build for your family’s home.

Cooking & Entertaining

Are you ready to break out of the cookie-cutter kitchen and bathroom remodel mentality? Maybe, it’s time to dream big of everything you truly desire in a kitchen and bathroom remodel. The sky is the limit of possibilities for your new kitchen and bath remodel. Give the gift of luxury to your family.

Luxury Family bathing

It’s already hassling enough to clean and bathe your entire family each day, especially in an older or confined bathing area. So, what is stopping you from making today the day you upgrade life in the bathroom. Truly experience luxury bathing without guilt, knowing you deserve the best quality of life.

Relaxation Bathrooms

Your bathroom should feel like a safe place to clean up, relax and get ready. Many people feel rushed in the morning. Due to a lack of organizational space or storage, and feel overwhelmed. We design and build custom kitchens and bathrooms to reflect unique personality types and encourage relaxation.

Why Choose Us For your kitchen and bathroom remodel

Your kitchen should be a reflection of your unique essence, whether your taste runs towards the stately warmth of traditional design, the cool sleekness of a more minimalist look, or something else entirely.

Qualified Expert

Suppose you don’t love your career; it’s hard to bring real passion to the table. With more than 15+ Years of experience in kitchen and bathroom renovations. We love to see our clients’ joy after taking a unique idea, drawing it up, and building it to completion.

Workmanship Quality

It seems nothing is certain in life, especially with having children. It’s time to think about the quality of materials going into the construction project and artistry. Truly build a new kitchen and bathroom to withstand the many storms of life.

Quality Professionals

Unfortunately, you can’t afford to make mistakes working in construction and expect to keep the job. It cost everyone involved time and money. So, we hand-select and vet every professional that works on building your new home or remodel.

Cosmetic renovation

No job is too big or small. Suppose you are looking for a large scale change or updating a few features like paint colors, backsplashes, countertops, appliances, or even resurfacing cabinets. Our highly trained professionals truly bring your kitchen and bathroom remodel back to life in a unique way.

Remodel renovation

A larger kitchen and bathroom remodel calls for more planning and preparation, including a complete change in the layout or design. It may mean building an open concept, new island, or expanding a small kitchen or bathroom. It can be both a major or minor project depending on the architect’s vision.

Luxury renovation

Since money is not an issue, you can select as many custom additions as you desire. So, why not include a new breakfast nook, dry/hot sauna, or even a massive walk-in pantry/closet. Whether you choose a complete overhaul or just updating with custom features, Hire a professional to get the job done.


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Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel - Sonoma Napa Marin County - Ortiz Custom Builders Inc
Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel - Sonoma Napa Marin County - Ortiz Custom Builders Inc

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